Wedding Photographers On Honeymoon / South Island New Zealand

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“Where are you going for your honeymoon?” We always ask our clients at some points before or during the wedding day. It’s incredibly interesting and amazing to hear about all the wonderful adventures our couples have, or will have, soon after we spend such an emotional, impactful day with them.

We hear so many travel plans (and often see the incredible experiences documented on Facebook), so when it came time to figuring out our own honeymoon, the pressure was really on. After our wedding, we really decided to put off “the big trip” for a little bit of time – almost a year to be exact. Part of it was just that we couldn’t really take the additional time (in addition to the time we took to get married, then visit all of our family and friends in Asia). The other part was really just that we wanted some extra time to plan this thing. We had a tiny bit of an idea about how much work it takes to plan a wedding – planning the honeymoon to go right after that would have been nuts! To cut the story short, New Zealand was pretty much our top choice very early on. The very prospect of the place is exciting, and everything we’d heard just made it sound like the crazy adventure we were looking for. Approximately 10 months after our wedding, (including layovers), we hopped on 24 hours worth of plane rides, and we were lined up in customs in Christchurch, NZ.

We drove and we drove. And we drove some more. On the left side of the road (it wasn’t really too bad). We’d pretty much planned our trip around controlling our own schedule, and we gave ourselves tons of flexibility to stop wherever we wanted to have a picnic, or snap some pictures. It was the most insane trip of our lives, and we saw and experienced so much. We hung out up close and personal with exotic animals (mostly non-native to New Zealand, interestingly enough). We drank fantastic wine. We jumped off a bridge. We hiked up to a glacier. And we wandered out to a beach covered in seals enjoying the fall breeze. We even spent hours throwing up on a small boat just so we could jump into the ocean with hundreds of dolphins.

We came back with thousands and thousands of images – here are a few of our favorites to remember those incredible two weeks.

Photo credit: AJ Hackett Bungy


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