The wedding is often the first time many couples hire a professional photographer. This can be overwhelming, and you are bound to have questions about how everything works. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to hopefully clear up some of the confusion and make the process fun and exciting. If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Can you describe your style?
We utilize a unique blend of documentary-style storytelling and artistic portraiture to capture weddings. There’s a specific quality in the way we try and capture light that isn’t for everyone! Check out our portfolio and blog to make sure you enjoy our style of work.
How much does it cost to hire you?
Our wedding packages start at $3500. Fill out our CONTACT FORM, and we’ll send you the full price guide! There are absolutely no hidden fees.
Can we have images exactly like this one?
While we absolutely welcome Pinterest inspiration boards for ideas, every wedding is unique and different. Instead of replicating someone else’s wedding photo, let’s create something entirely new and unique to you!
Can you shoot in the style of this other photographer?
We have a unique style that is certainly not for everyone! Please look through our work to make sure we’re a good fit for such an important day of your life!
Can we have some references?
We don’t give out our clients’ contact information, but you can see some reviews from previous clients on Facebook and Weddingwire!


Do you offer engagement sessions?
We adore engagement sessions because they allow you to get some great photos for your save-the-dates and invites, and they help you get comfortable in front of the camera prior to the big day.
How long will you be at the wedding?
We will be there for as long as you need us! Weddings are crazy and exciting, and more often than not, unpredictable. We want to be around to capture everything from while you’re getting ready through the very last event at your reception. For longer weddings, we suggest no time limits full-day coverage so that you don’t have to worry about the clock!
Do you take family formals? How about details?
Of course! We love taking photos of the family. Weddings are events that bring families together, and for many couples, weddings are the only time that so many people from all over are together at once! We make sure to get photos of all the important details, including the rings and flowers, because that’s all a part of your story. If there are any specific unique details you would like us to get, just let us know.
How long will the formal photos take?
The amount of time needed for photos varies greatly depending on the size of your wedding party and family. Usually, we recommend setting aside about 2 hours or so to comfortably capture all of the formal group photos, as well as an extra 30 minutes if you would like to coordinate a “first look.” We love doing epic bride and groom portraits throughout the day, and we have a habit of borrowing our couples throughout the reception as we discover inspiring scenes. Of course, if you want to set aside even more time to wander around and make some incredible portraits, count us in!
What's a first look, and why would I want that?
A “first look” is a (typically) private meeting between you and your future spouse before the ceremony, and it can be an incredibly emotional and intimate moment. First looks are not for everyone, especially if you would prefer the traditional first look during the wedding procession, but they do offer a few benefits. By seeing each other before the wedding, you’re free to take all of the formal family portraits and the couple portraits before the ceremony as well. This leaves you time after the ceremony to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests or step away with us for more creative portraits.
Do you take group shots at the reception tables?
We normally do not take photos of guests at the wedding tables. Our primary job is to capture your story, and we want to focus on you as a couple for as much of the day as possible. Photos of people eating typically also tend to be unflattering. If you would like organized photos of all the guests at their tables, please make sure to set aside a little bit of time during which guests are at their tables but not eating. If you have any specific group photos in mind, please also let us know ahead of time and have someone point out those individuals! If reception group photos are important to you, consider adding on a 3rd photographer specifically to capture group photos during that time. We would hate to miss an important candid moment if we’re tied up on the other end of the room capturing group photos!
Will you photograph our rehearsal dinner?
Sure! We cover rehearsal dinners the same way we photograph receptions, and coverage is available as an add-on to any wedding package.
Can my friends and family bring their cameras to take pictures?
Of course! Taking photos is an exciting part of being a wedding guest! We do ask that guests give us enough space so that we don’t miss any moments. For formal portraits, please allow us to get our photos first so that all eyes in the group photos will be looking at us! We also offer a small discount for unplugged ceremonies.


How long will it take to receive our photos?
The normal turnaround time for digital photos is 6-8 weeks. We are usually too excited, so we always try to beat that estimate. During busier months, it may take a little bit longer, but we will make sure to let you know. Throughout the process, we will share “sneak peeks” of our favorites on social media so we can give everyone a taste of how kickass you looked!
How many photos will we get?
On average, we deliver about 600 photos per wedding, but that may vary from as low as 400 to as high as 1000 depending on the wedding.
Do you edit all the images?
Yes! We fully process and color-correct all of our photos to look exactly like we envisioned during the moment. Each photo is meticulously edited by hand so that all of them look their best, whether printed or displayed on your screen.
How will we receive our photos?
We provide both a password-protected online gallery where you can download all your images in high-resolution or order prints (if you want!). We also offer a professionally-prepared USB memory stick by request.
How long will our gallery be online?
Officially, we guarantee that your photos will remain in the gallery for at least 90 days. We highly recommend you download and back up the images yourself as soon as possible! We also archive all delivered images in our longterm storage hard drives; there is a fee for unarchiving previously-delivered photos from those drives.
How should we keep our photos?
No data storage method alone is 100% safe! We recommend storing your precious wedding photos in a minimum of 3 locations (2 locations in your own home, and 1 away, like Dropbox, iCloud, or even just on another hard drive at a friend or family member’s home).
Can we have the rights to our photos?
You are free to share any of your photos with friends and family online, as well as get them printed at any print lab you’d like! We can provide a personal release document if needed. We also offer professional prints from our own printing partners, and we guarantee the quality of these prints.
Can we look through any photos that didn't make the cut, just in case there's something we like?
We don’t hold anything back! After our initial “culling” process to eliminate camera misfires, test shots, duplicates, etc, we edit and deliver all of the other photos. Any photo that passes this process is delivered, and those filtered out are not archived.
Can we have the digital negatives so that we can edit and print our own photos?
We deliver fully-edited, high-resolution digital images which are the equivalent of modern “digital negatives,” and these files have enough resolution to make incredibly large, high-quality prints. While we maintain the copyright to the images, you get a personal release that will allow you to share your photos with all your friends and family, and print the photos wherever you would like, forever. You may not edit any of the images, and we do not provide unedited “raw” files.
Can we have some photos converted to black & white, or vice versa?
We have a specific vision for all the photos we take, so whether an image will be color or black & white is usually decided before we press the button. We typically will not convert black & white photos back to color, but occasionally a color photo may be converted to black & white by request.
Do you design your own albums?
Absolutely. We have tried several options, and we have found that we are most satisfied with our own album designs. The results speak for themselves! We lay out each image on your spreads so that your story is told just the way we saw it unfold. Flipping through your album will feel like reliving your incredible wedding day.
We love making photo books - can we design our own album and have you print it?
We unfortunately cannot print any albums that are not designed by us. It is important for any images printed through services we offer, that we control the images in order to maximize their quality once printed onto paper. After your initial album design layout, we send over the preliminary design so that you can make comments. You can switch out, add, remove images and pages, and we will absolutely not send off an album for printing until you are totally in love with the album design.


How do we book you?
Talk to us! If you like us and what we do, we’d love to work with you! Booking us is very simple, and all we require to secure your date is a reservation fee and a signed contract.
How do you accept payment, and when do you need it?
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. We require full payment for your package 30 days prior to the wedding day. Fees for album upgrades, additional prints, reimbursements, etc, are due after the wedding when they arise.
Do you charge sales tax?
By Massachusetts state law we are required to collect a sales tax of 6.25% when applicable.
Is the reservation fee refundable?
The reservation fee is nonrefundable. This initial payment guarantees that your wedding date is locked down and secure. We turn down all other inquiries for your date and any dates that might interfere with yours.
Do you offer any discounts?
We occasionally offer discounts for weekday or off-season weddings, but these depend on our availability, scheduling, and location. If you have budget concerns you would like to talk about, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we would be happy to try and work with you.
Should we feed you?
If your wedding goes through dinner, please do! We typically skip lunch during busy wedding days, and by the reception, a meal goes a long way in recharging our batteries and ensuring that we can stay upright and capture the very best images throughout the evening. Please feed us while you eat (not after!), so that by the time you’re done eating, we’re also ready to take more photos! If for some reason you aren’t able to provide us a meal, that’s ok – please allot an hour of time for us to go grab a quick meal elsewhere.
Do you travel?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We love to travel! All weddings within 100 miles of the Boston area, and portrait sessions within 50 miles, have no additional travel charges. For any weddings further away, absolutely anywhere in the world, we just ask that you cover getting us there and 2 nights hotel. As long as we’re available, we’ll be there!
How do you get to weddings?
We drive to most weddings. Please provide us parking by the venue so that it is easy for us to load and unload our gear, so that at the end of a long night, we don’t end up wandering an unfamiliar neighborhood carrying precious cargo (your photos!).

Preparing Photographer Equipment before Wedding Day

What kind of gear do you use?
We’ve tried virtually every piece of relevant gear on the market, and truth be told, we can do what we do with any modern DSLR. Our current lineup consists of Nikon D750’s and D5’s, along with a full suite of gorgeous rendering prime lenses, but we occasionally mix things up with Canon gear or even film cameras depending on the mood.
Can you shoot film?
Yup! Modern digital image sensors are mindbogglingly good and are an incredible medium for capturing candid images and gorgeous portraits. However, as an add-on option, we can photograph some of the portraits and details on medium format film, because even with the modern advances in digital sensor technology, there is currently no digital equivalent that can reproduce the gorgeous colors and tones of film. We use Mamiya 645AF, Mamiya RZ67, and Contax 645 cameras for our film work. Because of the different “look,” film images are delivered in a separate sub-gallery.
Do you have backups?
Absolutely. As professional wedding photographers, we are way too paranoid to not have backups of everything. Extra cameras, extra lenses, extra extra cameras, etc. We normally have an extra camera and a few lenses stashed nearby (away from ourselves), and we have numerous backups of backups of backups of your photos at all times!
Are you insured?
Wouldn’t leave home without it. If your venue requires documentation, just let us know ahead of time so that our insurance company can get on it!
What if you get sick or are suddenly unavailable?
We try to take extra good care of ourselves to ensure that we don’t get sick despite our busy lifestyle. In the extremely unlikely case of an emergency, we have a trusty professional network we can call upon, and we will do our absolute best to find you a replacement photographer that you will be happy with.
Can you keep our photos 100% private?
We strive to create our absolute best work at every wedding, not only to provide you the very best wedding photos, possible, but also to show future clients examples of our work. You’ve probably already looked at our sample work to help with the decision! We will not publish unflattering images of our clients (our job is to make you look and feel great!), but we can understand reasons for absolute privacy if necessary. If this is important to you, we have special NDA (non-disclosure agreement) packages available by request.