Our own wedding photo above by the ridiculously phenomenal Ryan Brenizer.

We live in the South End neighborhood of Boston with our ridiculous German Shepherd, Annie, who never misses a chance to hog the couch leaving furballs wherever she goes. One of us loves to bake and cook, and the other one of us loves to eat. A lot. We love warm, homemade apple pie and soda. When things are busy, we fuel ourselves with gummy bears and sugary beverages – there’s nothing like an ice-cold Coke at the start of a wedding reception! We adore curling up and binge watching a good TV show, and we never seem to sleep very much. It’s incredibly hard to put into words our insane wanderlust.

We were high school sweethearts from the San Francisco Bay Area, and then we went to college together in St. Louis. Now we’re happily married doing what we love. We’re in love, and we understand exactly how you feel about each other. Plus, we think we have a little experience with wedding days ;).

We’re wedding historians, moment capturers, image creators, storytellers. Whatever. We’re really just two people with cameras with a pretty unique way of seeing the world. Our style is a special blend of documentary storytelling and a whole lot of creative portraiture. We swoon with that passionate first look, and we well up with tears with that emotional speech. We love all the sweet, fleeting moments sprinkled throughout the wedding day, and we’ll laugh with you ’till our sides split for all the silly moments. When we see that perfect spot for an incredible portrait, there’s little we won’t do to realize our vision.

Our blog posts are complete wedding days that outline how we see these amazing stories unfold. Not everyone will love our style and work, but if you think you might, we’d love nothing more than to get to know you. Let’s chat!

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