Jennifer & Nick / Middlesex Fells / Boston Winter Engagement

Middlesex-Engagement-Session-by-Boston-Wedding-Photographers (16)

We had originally scheduled this engagement session for the day after Valentine’s Day, but in typical East Coast fashion, Boston decided to drop a big storm on us. Not a huge deal, right? Being the daring wedding photographers we are, we confirmed that the plan was still on to meet up at Middlesex Fells Reservation, and we would just tough out the falling snow to get some dramatic, stormy images. We crawled out of bed before the sun came up the next morning, both to let our dog out and to clear off some of the snow from the car, but it became pretty apparent, pretty quickly, that going out onto a trail, in the middle of this storm would be unsafe. Annie the German shepherd refused to open her eyes in the high winds, and the snow packed onto the car faster than we could brush it off, not to mention the 2-foot snow wall behind the tires preventing us from even backing the itty bitty Prius out of the spot. Bummer.

Fast-forward a week, and as we pull up to the reservation, to the 5-foot mound of snow right in the middle of the “parking lot,” we noticed that the sky was blue, something we hadn’t seen for a few weeks. The winter trees looked amazing silhouetted against the sun, and within seconds of Jennifer and Nick arriving, we were already composing a shot that involved us squatting in the road. Let’s just say that a lower winter sun coupled with the entire snow-covered ground acting as a massive reflector makes for some incredible lighting.

These two are seriously awesome. We had a hiking path in mind already, and having tried out the trail a few weeks ago, we had also promised them that we wouldn’t drag them through a foot of snow. Well, thanks to the blizzard, we dragged them through two feet. Nick talked about how he would normally be wearing flip-flops, and the entire session was just fun. When we got to the reservoir, they even broke out a big Dunkin’ box of hot cocoa to warm up. We ended the amazing session with yet another hike up to Wright’s Tower nearby so we could get an incredible view of Boston and the surrounding area.


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