A little bit of traveling in Asia and a few words on the Nikon Df / Travel Review

Boston Wedding Photographers Traveling in Asia

It’s really about time we posted this. After our wedding last year, we decided to take a little bit of time off to spend some time in China and Japan and visit family. Seeing how our photographic style has changed and grown is always interesting, and having spent more than our fair share of lazy childhood summers (both of ours!) in China, we were determined to explore a little bit more and see things in a different light.

Given that we flew straight from San Francisco after the wedding, we had to travel “lighter” than our usual kit of heavy-duty D4’s. We’re actually in the process of switching out that kit, but more on that later – hopefully. We picked up a Df, mainly as a backup camera with its stellar 16 megapixel low-light sensor (the same one as the D4), but also to use as a personal shooter. We couldn’t keep ourselves from bringing a trio of Nikkor nano primes, though, including a certain fantastically sharp tilty-shifty 45mm, and yes yes, the 85mm is quite beat-up from our use. Since we’re too preoccupied to actually do any reviews (seriously, we’ve got a several-year-old queue that we’ve just never gotten around to, including photos and all), we’ll just shoehorn in a quick summary of the Df here: it’s a fantastic little camera with an incredible sensor, but a few minor niggles (prosumer autofocus, odd ergonomics, single memory card slot) that keep it from being the D4-killing pro camera it could have been. If you can take your time and shoot, though, it’s a joy to work with – it’s also got the single most beautiful shutter sound on any camera we’ve ever used. Click.

One more quick word on gear: the Holdfast Camera Leash is pretty awesome for a travel wrist strap, and on wedding days, it complements the Moneymaker pretty well if you ever need to strap up a 3rd camera body.

Most of the following photos are snapshots (lots of portraits!) of our experiences. We generally prefer brides and grooms to be at the business end of the lens, but considering the circumstance, we had to suffice as our own models 🙂


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