Anna + Jordan / Currier Museum of Art

One of the moments that stands out to us most from Anna and Jordan’s Currier Museum wedding came during the portraits of the two of them after the ceremony. We weaved through rooms of beautiful paintings, skipping right past the Picassos (despite our security escort’s “concerns”), straight to Anna’s favorite piece in the museum: “Amoskaeg Canal,” an American piece. On our way out of the area of the museum, the guard asked again, and Anna simply told us that she wasn’t a big fan of Picasso.

Our favorite things about wedding days are the most personal little moments sprinkled throughout: Anna revealing the (incredible) bouquet she had designed after her mother’s, Jordan and his father throwing on their jackets together. Everything about Anna and Jordan’s day was their own. They celebrated their surrounded by warmth from their closest family and friends.

Anna and Jordan had been in contact with us for quite some time (all the way back in 2015). They had their engagement session over a year ago, and we’d been looking forward to their wedding day ever since. We were certainly not disappointed. The classic car first look in a beautiful downtown park, the art museum wedding, the killer dancefloor (courtesy of New England Sound Innovation) at Fratello’s; everything fell into place perfectly.

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