Nasim + Jason / Codman Estate

As wedding photographers we tend to pay close attention to the weather. We try to be versatile, and quite frankly we love shooting in windy, rainy days because they bring us another challenge to overcome, to force us to make images in other ways than just taking advantage of some of the most beautiful locations around New England. It’s been a very strange year for the weather; our last few summers we’ve been quite lucky, but this year, we’ve had several rainy wedding days. With a wet forecast looming, Nasim and Jason were well prepared for their most amazing Codman Estate rainy day wedding by getting colorful umbrellas and some awesome rain boots that turned into Nasim’s wedding shoes for most of the day.

Part of the appeal of photographing weddings, for us at least, is all the microstories happening all over, all the time. Nasim’s mom doing a little bit of gardening outside while the ladies were getting ready. While Jason was getting dressed in the room with his brothers, their kids ran around being… well, kids. Everyone bravely stood in the rain (briefly) for photos, and after dealing with the weather already for most of the day, after their ceremony inside the Carriage House, Nasim and Jason followed us back out into the puddles and mud to step into the Italian garden where the ceremony was originally planned just to catch a gorgeous sunset after the showers. We even found a couple of frogs.

No wedding is complete without night portraits to wrap up this Codman Estate rainy day wedding. There are a few other stories not immediately obvious shown in our photos: the long line of people waiting to use the restroom while we took portraits in front of those doors, the flower girl holding up an iPhone light to help illuminate our night portraits.

Big thanks to CLIQUE for the killer dancefloor!

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